Lesson Plan in English I (Four-Pronged Approach)


Show enjoyment in listening to a story.

Answer specific questions about the story heard.


Name objects using a and an.(PELC 5.1.1)


Identify and produce the initial and final consonant /n/ (PELC2.1)

Trace and copy letters wih combination straight and slanting lines.(N-n) (PELC1.1.2)

11.Subject Matter:

GLR-Story "A trip to the Zoo"

Reference:My Story Book ,pages 55-59

MSEL-Use of a and an

Ref:Tm in English 1,pages 32-33

TS-Phonics Lesson /n/

Ref:Teachers Guide ,p50


GLR-pictures, big book

MSEL-pictures of animals ,real objects





1.Unlocking of difficulties (through gestures and picture clues)

     Zoo     trip     looked     enjoy     saw


Children,Have you been in the Zoo? What did you see in the zoo?

3.Motive question

This morning children, I'm going to read you a story.While you are listening to the story, try to find out what did the children see in the Zoo.

B.Reading the story (While reading)


C.Post Reading Activities

1.Engagement Activity one

Divide the class into 4 groups.

Group 1:Draw the excited face of Mrs. Luna

Group 2:Draw the bus where the children rode

Group 3:Draw the animals they saw in the Zoo.

Group 4:Dramatize the scene when the children came to the Zoo


a.Who went to the Zoo?

b.Where did the children go?

c.What animals they saw in the Zoo?

d.Why did the children go to the Zoo?

e.How did the children enjoy the trip?

f.If you were the children, would you go back to the Zoo?



Name pictures beginning with a, e, i, o, u


Play a game (Naming pictures)

     Zoo     animal     monkey     home

     trip     elephant     bird


a.We use an with the name of one thing that begins with vowel letters

     an animal     an ink bottle     an undershirt

     an elephant     an octopus   

b.We use a with the name of one thing that begins with consonant letters

     a zoo     a bird     a monkey     a trip     a home

4.Analysis and Discussion

Show real objects

     a paper     a bag     a pen     an umbrella     an envelope    an orange


When do we use a or an?


     Write a or an on the blank

1._____ ball






    Underline the correct answer:

1.(a,an) atis

2.(a,an) balloon

3.(a,an) upo

4.(a,an) tree

5.(a,an) envelope


1.Decoding Phonics Lesson


         The sound of /n/

     initial -now

     final-children, sign,soon


          What is the sound of n?


          Underline the sound of /n/

         1.nest     2.now     3.pen     4.hen     5.nun

2.Writing letters N-n


Write Mother N and baby n


How do you write N-n?


1.Write letters N-n on the air.

2.Trace N-n on the board.


Write capital N and small n's alternately on your paper.


Make 2 simple sentences using a or an


90 Responses to “Lesson Plan in English I (Four-Pronged Approach)”

  1. joey Says:

    did u know that we have new plan it is called 2C2IA this is now being used in our skul

    • Nicko Says:

      yes. my mom passed the english proficiency test and from there the NEPP trained the first 100 who passed using the 2C2IA framework.

  2. HASMINA Says:

    please send me a copy… i am a teacher of values thanks

  3. Ms. Nolly Vidamo Says:

    gud day!

    i really wanted to have a copy of a lesson guide which has a four pronged approach in english, grade 2….where can i buy this copy..please tell me thanks.

  4. josie Says:

    can you give me more sample of lesson plan in science (four pronged approach) for preschool… thank you

  5. nilda Says:

    is 2C2Ia similar to four pronged approach inenglish. or what are their differences/ thank you .

  6. Shiela Says:

    add more sample four pronged lesson plans…..

  7. Shiela Says:

    please send me a copy of it… i need it badly because i’am a starting teacher and this is the approach that is applicable.

  8. kaye Says:

    i am a college student and currently taking up developmental reading 2… can you send me a copy of effective styles wherein the four pronged approach and glr are integrated together?thanks

  9. gloria v. Says:

    It’ very enlightening. Can you also publish a sample of 2C2Ia approach?

  10. jam Says:

    i’m a biological science student, hope you’ll send me a copy of it. thanks

  11. amy Says:

    your sample plan is very interesting and can help teachers to teach the grade one pupils who have hard time teaching reading. please publish more sample plans on four prong approach

  12. myleen Says:

    I’m a Pre-Elem teacher…please send me a copy thanks

  13. im a grade four teacher in english pls send me a copy of a 2C2Ia approach lesson pla Says:

    i’m a grade four teacher we are now using a 2C2Ia approach lesson plan can you pls send me a copy

  14. Esteban G. Batalao Says:

    copy of lesson plan

    • imelda Says:

      I’m a grade II Teacher Handling pupils who are risk reader please send me a copy of lesson plan in Teaching Reading Using the four pronged approach. thank you and God Bless you All.

  15. Esteban G. Batalao Says:

    we are now using the 2C2Ia approach lesson plan here in Region 4 – A, can u pls furnish us a copy of the whole third grading budget of work. and a sample l2C2IA approach lesson plan?

  16. Esteban G. Batalao Says:

    hope this will be granted

  17. au reyes Says:

    please send me a copy of grade 2 lesson plan

  18. dina ocampo Says:

    The four pronged approach is featured in the book Developing Comprehension in Young Readers which was published by Anvil Publishing. It is available in National Bookstore. The volume contains lesson plans from the Reading association of the Philippines’ conventions and demofests. All the plans in the volume had been tried and tested among children and have also been demonstrated in the RAP conventions.

    Hope this helps.

  19. dina ocampo Says:


    here’s the website about the RAP book.

    thanks, dina

  20. Lordena Camacho Says:

    i would like to have a copy of 2c2ia for grade IV, becoz it has been a policy to use the 2c2ia for grade IV

  21. Nicko Says:

    Could you also please send me a copy of a Banghay Aralin sa Filipino 5 Gamit ang 2C2IA. thanks.

  22. amie Says:

    could you please send me a copy of sample English lesson plan for second grading in grade three using 2c2ia.

    • Nympha B. Santonil Says:

      sir, the lesson plan for grade I, we were told during the seminar that we can also use it for grades 2 and 3 also. This also has big books in full color… I salute the DepEd for providing the means.. hats off!

  23. Nympha B. Santonil Says:

    The training at Region IV – A CALABARZON sponsored by THE NATIONAL ENGLISH PROFICIENCY TEST (NEPP) under Mr. Christopher Diaz which I have been blessed to have attended, showcased a lesson plan with a cover of an acronym of BRIGHT (Beginning Reading Instructional Guide to Help Teachers. This uses the 2C2IA framework. If i have time I will post a sample lesson plan for grades I-III. I will have to use the 2C2IA. I can’t publish a copy straight from the book. It;s unlawful. I have high respect for the brilliant authors. Pls keep posted.
    Happy lesson planning everyone!!!

  24. Carjoline Says:

    Hi! I’m a college student and we are now required to make lesson plans.Hope you’ll also publish a lesson plan for high school using the 2C2IA for a sort of reference.

    Thanks a lot.

    Hoping for your response… 🙂

  25. espee alea Says:

    i am a grade 2 teacher in a public school,pls.send me an e.g of lesson plan in english..(2C2IA)

  26. JOy Sn Buenaventura Says:

    Hi sir,

    it is my first time to see you page and I find it informational. Hope you won’t mind sending me various lesson plans and approaches in teaching college English 1 classes.

  27. ruby Says:

    please send me grade one lesson plan for 2nd grading using four prong approach

  28. dory Says:

    please send me a copy of lesson plan in English V using 2c2ia approach, thank you very much

  29. ninia Says:

    the lesson plan is very interesting.. i am a grade 2 teacher handling slow reader pupils..please send me a copy of a lesson plan of 4 prong approach.. thank u and God Bless u more♥

  30. charito l. pamilara Says:

    i want a sample of grade six plan. pls. asap

  31. maureen Says:

    sir, i need a sample four-pronged lesson plan in english 5, can you send me a copy? tnx. asap po.

  32. rosana o.patoc Says:

    sir, please send me a four pronged lesson plan in gr. v.tnx,asap po.

  33. adelle marasigan Says:

    Can you pls send us a copy of lesson plan in english 5 using the 2c2ia approach?

  34. Artee Says:

    Hi,i am a 4th year student,thanks 4 d inf0rmati0n ab0ut d pr0ng appr0ach its me mr. Artee

  35. sarah Says:

    i do not know about 2c2Ia approach. Could you please send me a anything about it and a sample. thank you.

  36. RIZD Says:

    anyone, pls. provide me a copy of 2c21a sample lesson plan and some notes about 2c2ia.

  37. rudylenanino Says:

    Thank you for this! 🙂 I am so clueless on what to do for my report/demonstration on four-pronged approach this Saturday. Good thing I found this. At least now, I will be guided on what to do!.. Thanks again! 🙂 _r”,)

  38. Marydel M. Almiro Says:

    hi good day.!
    may ask if the 4 pronged approach is applicable to grade I and grade II students? or it should be the 2c2Ia only for that grade?

  39. vhaneza Says:

    i am a college student and currently taking up developmental reading 2… can you send me a copy of effective styles wherein the four pronged approach and glr are integrated together?thanks

  40. jerick parohinog Says:

    nice example. . it probably gives the best shot of that subject area. . it emphasize more ideas. . tnx it would help me to my lesson planning

  41. vivian v. espiritu Says:

    nice lesson plan.we’re using BRIGHT lesson plan in our school. can u send me lesson plan for grade 1. Thanks and more power!

  42. rina Says:

    kindly provide copy of pelc budget of work in eng V and VI

    • Flor R. Alpuerto Says:

      The grades 1 @ 2 already have the 2c2!A module. On the other hand, the higher levels wherein grades 4@6 must follow the format in 2C2IA because they don’t have a ready-made module. I’m not sure if the other grades like 3 @ 5 teachers have their own. By the way, I’m a mentor in grade4. Thanks for the sample. If u are interested to get a sample of mine, I am very much willing to share=)

  43. marina l. ballais Says:

    Please provide me copy of 2011 PELC in English from Grade I- VI, Worksheet and LP of 2c2ia approach, summative test for whole year. Thank you!

  44. Jhoanne Villegas Says:

    thanks for this..we have a seminar on literature based reading program and we are required to make a lesson using four-pronged approach..it’s a big help…

  45. Zenaida B. Palaca Says:

    Have a nice day! I am a neophyte grade 2 teacher in public school.Please send me a lesson plan in English..2c2IA..Thank you and more Power

  46. Mary Jane Ramos Says:

    hi! I’m mj ramos an elementary teacher can you send me a copy.thanks..

  47. Maggie Ibanes Says:

    very nice! can I request for a grade four lesson plan in English using the four prong approach? Thank you.

  48. Jean Cruz Says:

    hello! i’m jean cruz can u send me too a grade 4 lesson plan using the four prong approach?thanks @ more power.

  49. irenemay Says:

    hi can u pls saend me a lesson plan english grade 4 c2cia approach

  50. hely Says:

    pls. send or post lessons plans in 2C2Ia grde V…thanks…god bless…

  51. gretzel macalalad Says:

    please send me a lesson plan in grade v, 2c21a.i hope you will grant my request.thank and god bless

  52. Kevin Bulacan Says:

    can you give me some lesson plan using discovery approach and expository method

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  54. fritz Says:

    i really2 need it now,..thanks ive found it,….god blz,….

  55. Grace Says:

    your lesson plan is quiet good, but in our case, we were asked to prepare some other format which is in the matrix form….

  56. vasthu Says:

    Heya i’m for the first time here. I came across this board and I to find It truly useful & it helped me out a lot. I hope to provide one thing again and help others such as you aided me.

  57. Shell Says:

    I’m so glad this kind is available. It is so educated and informative.. Thanks for making it available, I wish to have some copy of this lesson plan.

  58. Christina Panzuelo Says:

    thanks a lot for this!!! God speed…

  59. cristy Says:

    hi!…. i’m a grade four teacher we are now using a 2C2Ia approach lesson plan can you pls send me a copy

  60. Maria Paz Noche Says:

    hi im a grade Vi teacher, kindly send me a copy of a 2C2IA or 4pronged approach. It will be a great help

  61. Rexie B. Vergara Says:

    hello i’m a grade four teacher, pls send me a copy of a 2C21A or four pronged approach. I really need it for my demo teaching. Ty very much and God Bless You.

  62. Mich Grava Says:

    please add some sample lesson plans in every approach…. thnx very much and GOD bless!

  63. carla dionisio Says:

    can i have the copy of the story A trip to the zoo please:D

  64. laiza reato Says:

    … can i have d copy of sample of four pronged approach.

  65. bernadeth pajanustan Says:

    hi..i am a future teacher,,can i have a copy or sample of the lesson plan in four prong approach,,,please send me/////// thanks

  66. haydee malimutin Says:

    Im a BEEd. (elem. ed) student., can i have the copy of a lesson plan using four pronged approach?? thanks :)))

  67. omar Says:

    thanks. . .this will guide me in making lesonplan. What is MSL. . ?

  68. omar Says:

    hi. . .i’m a Beed student. what is 2c2IA..?can anybody help me. Pls. Send me a copy of 2C2IA lesson plan. . .

  69. Michelle Says:

    Hello, iam still a student and plz send me more lesson plans. Very helpful. Thank you

  70. dexter cabanag Says:

    im handling multigrade classroom,,,pls send me a lesson plan in multigrade,,grade I and II,,,tnx

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  73. Rose Says:

    Im a BEEd. (elem. ed) student., can i have the copy of a lesson plan using four pronged approach?? thanks :)))

  74. Shirly Dichoso Says:

    hi! can i hav d copy of a lesson plan in english grade 3 using four pronged approach?….plssss..tnx po….godbless

  75. nerissa D. Magpantay Says:

    At last i found this site, it will be useful to all of us here in the field of teaching. Would you please send me a copies of lesson plan in English VI using the 2C2IA approach. Thank you! God bless!

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